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Penis not hard and shoot to soon

I'm going to gym for a year now, the problem is my discharge time(sperm) is reduce and Penis is not become Hard as earlier so i think gym training is the cause of this problem, what you suggest, answer me please.

Asked by Ricky
8th February 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis erection discharge

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for contacting Men's Seuxal Health. You seem to have two concerns, your penis not getting hard and ejaculating (discharge) too soon. I will attempt to address both these issue. First, erection problems are either a physical issue, or psychological issue. Most men have experienced some form of erectile issue during their life, some its a passing phase, others it can be a longer issue where support is needed, and that could be medical or psychological depending on whats causing it

For example some Physical issues include - deterioration of the arteries (this is more common in older men), diabetes, smoking, alcoholism, overweight, hormone problems. And some Psychological issues include - anxiety/nerves, relationship problems, depression, exhaustion, stress, childhood abuse.

It is unlikely the fact that you go to the gym that is causing this, usually the fact that you go to the gym is a positive good thing, and would normally effect the body in a good way.

Regarding your second issue, discharging too soon, again many men suffer from Premature ejaculation, a recent UK survey said 10% of male population had suffered with PE at some point in their life. Another European study classed PE as lasting around 1.8 mins, and with 7.3 mins being classed as normal, would you say you fall into this first category as what you class as PE might not be PE. There are initially 4 treatments for PE - 1) Distraction method - when you are nearing climax, think about something comepletely different than whats going on. 2) Applying a delay gel to your penis, this will decrease sensitivity and hopefully improve your duration. 3) Delay condoms, this are coated with the delay gel and with the added thickness of the condom this too will help improve your duration. 4) start stop method - when alone try masterbating till u reach the point where you are going to climax but stop yourself, repeat this 3 or 4 times to build up your own self control, and then allow yourself to climax, after a few times a week doing this, you should find yourself lasting longer. The penis will naturally lose erection most times after ejaculation, but after a short period of rest time, some men are able to get erect and ejaculate again. Again it is unlikely that going to the gym is causing this issue either. The fact you are suffering from both erection and premature ejaculation makes me think you have more of a psychological problem to overcome than anything going on with your body physically. We would suggest trying some sexual therapy/counselling, if you live in the Swindon area we can provide this for free. You could also discuss this with your GP/Doctor to confirm there is no underlying health issues going on and they should also be able to suggest a good counselling service if they also think you would benefit from such treatment. Please get back in touch if you need any further advice or support.

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Answered by team member Matt
12th February 2013

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