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Tension headache at the point of ejaculation

I have a pain in my head that builds up Like a tension headache about ten times in the past 4 months each time getting worse when having sex. It is at the point when I ejaculate. Fight the headache whilst trying to ejaculate.

Asked by Kah
22nd August 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: ejaculation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting MSH. There is a condition that correlates having sex and getting headaches. These headaches are often brought on suddenly, without warning, at the point of orgasm, or during coitus. They can even occur during strenuous activity, (exertional or effort headache) unrelated to sexual activity.

The Coital headaches can strike before, during, or after sex. They also have been known to happen during masturbation as well.

There are three separate patterns for coital headaches

Sudden Onset - This headache comes on suddenly without warning and is characterized as explosive. It too can occur, before, during, or after sex. The explosive sudden onset headache produces a very painful and often throbbing type of headache. The headache starts at the base of the head and neck and works it way to the back of the eyes. This pattern of headache lasts for hours. The sudden onset coitus cephalgia (headaches) are the most common representing about 70% of the documented cases.

Subacute, crescendo headaches - occur in 25% of all cases reported. With this pattern of coital headache, the headache begins long before orgasm and starts out as a dull aching headache at the back of the head and grows in intensity as orgasm approaches. Nausea and vomiting can ensue but it rarely happens.

Postdural headache - The pain in this headache also starts at the back of the head and increases in intensity as the person stands up. This coital headache is often accompanied with nausea and vomiting. It is the rarest form of coital headache making up the last 5% of coital headache sufferers.

Possible causes for coital headaches..

It is generally believed that coital headaches are caused by the sudden rise in blood pressure associated with sexual activity. During the arousal stage the hands feet and head fill with blood as well the genital area. After sex the drop in pressure can cause pain in certain individuals. Coital headaches may also be triggered by the adrenaline in the body during sexual excitement.

Are women singled out for coital headaches?

No, both men and woman are subjected to coital headaches. It is not gender specific. Furthermore, more men than women suffer from this condition. The condition usually surfaces in men in their early 20's. Coital headaches can also go through a remission period and resurface later on.

Diagnostic Tests for coital headaches

Your doctor may order a CT scan, MRI, intercranial MRA, or special type of x-ray to determine if any blood vessels have ruptured (aneurism) or in anyway become damaged and at the same time, rule out other possible causes.

Treatments for coital headaches. Its be suggested that these bad headaches in women might be caused because the woman is holding her breath during the sexual experience. She suggests that a woman suffering from headaches take deep breaths to see if this helps.

Pain relievers and prescription medication is often prescribed before sexual activity to offset the pain. Also other method of prevention suggested are, Weight loss and exercise, Less strenuous sexual activity, less frequent sexual activity (once a day), Or adjusting the posture.

We would also suggest discussing this with you local GP/Doctor to rule out anything more serious in nature. We hope this has helped, please let us know if we can offer any further advice.

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Answered by team member Matt
23rd August 2013

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