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Testicular pain

I've searched all over the net for someone else with the same problem as me but couldn't find anything. Basically if I don't ejaculate after 3 days I get a real bad pain in my testicles if I don't ejaculate for say 5 day the pain is so unbearable I can't stand up the pain even blackens my eyes the only thing that eases the pain is a hot bath but untill I ejaculate the pain dosent go away. Dose anyone else have this problem or have any answers? I am 38 and been too embarrassed to ask for help for going on 20 years. Thanks

Asked by matt
29th March 2015 (in Sex)

Tags: ejaculation erection testicles

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

So glad you asked! You are not alone and you don’t need to feel embarrassed. The problem has been going on for 20 years so it is pretty unlikely that you have a serious underlying cause (which is rare in any case).

It is hard to prove what causes this condition but the theory is that if you don’t ejaculate very often your balls and the surrounding tissues in the perineum slowly get engorged with venous blood. This is relatively stagnant and contains waste products from your body’s metabolism. Then, when you get hard and have an orgasm, there is a considerable increase in local blood flow and the more stagnant blood is washed away – with the result that the pH and electrolyte balance may change and cause pain, a bit like muscle cramps.

This is only theory but it is believable. You might like to test it by having more frequent ejaculations – which should improve drainage and reduce the build-up of metabolic waste. How often? Up to you ... I would start by once a day to try it out.

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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