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Dealing with being gay

I'm a 23 year old male, and I've been attracted to other men since I was 15. I often struggle with my own thoughts on the subject. I've told my close friends and even my father, and they all accept me in the respect that I am gay. The only problem is that I'm not entirely thrilled myself about BEING gay. I believe in God, so I often have conflicts in my own beliefs about my lifestyle. I also want to have a family someday of my own blood, so this presents more challenges. I guess the main question here is How can I come to terms with my OWN sexuality?

Asked by anonymous
23rd June 2012 (in Lifestyle)

Tags: gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

hello and thank for getting in touch. Accepting that you are gay can be a really big issue for some people, for others it isn't, everyone's coming out story is different. For some accepting it about yourself can be the hardest part, harder than having to tell family or friends, and many struggle with this conflict for months or years. But its coming to that realisation in yourself that you didn't chose this, no one made you or forced you to be gay, it is simply just who you are. Realising and accepting this will give you the biggest sense of relief and weight off your shoulders. You have already told some friends and family already, but still struggling yourself, have you read our more in-depth guid on coming out on our site? If not, click the top right tab button 'coming out'. Sexuality and Religion can be tricky, and different people will interpret religious scriptures such as the bible for example, and use it in a negative way, others however are more open minded and don't use it to discriminate, there are many gay christian groups around the world, have a look online and see if there is a local one to contact to either attend or get support/answer questions from, I'm sure they would be more than willing to help someone in conflict. Regarding your concern for a family, it is becoming more and more easier and possible for gay people to have kids, whether that's via adoption or if you are strong belief about having your blood, then via surrogacy, again there are many pro gay family services online that could easily talk to you about your options.

If you live local to Swindon we can also provide you with free counselling service where you can discuss in confidential environment these issue is much greater depth, if you are not local, there is a very good chance a similar service would be availble to you in your area, but please do get in contact if you wish to use our service.

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Answered by team member Matt
27th June 2012

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