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i think my 18 yr old son may be gay. he is showing signs of lonelyness, he doesnt show a really interest in girls. he's had anger out burst, but wont tell me whats bothering him. should i ask him if he's gay or confused? i dont want to insult him. but i'm afraid he's holding something in and i dont want him to be another statistic.

Asked by NY
12th November 2013 (in Lifestyle)

Tags: gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for your message. It's difficult to know what to do as a parent regarding such a topic. There is of course a chance what your son is going through may not have anything to do with his sexuality, just because he doesn't have a gf or show interest in them does not mean he is gay. It's normally best to let your child come to you when he feels right and comfortable to discus such a topic, being questioned about something he may not be ready to discus or deal with could make things worse. Instead find a casual way to bring it up in everyday conversations. Remark positively on a gay relative, friend, or celebrity. Or when talking about current events, introduce a topic like gay marriage and make it clear that it's not a subject you shy away from or have a problem with, but be subtle. Stonewall have produced a good leaflet about such an issue and can be downloaded using the following link http://www.stonewall.org.uk/documents/so_you_think_your_child_is_gay.pdf

If and when he does tell you, we hope you will supportive, if you live in Swindon and either yourself or your son would like further support with this issue please get in touch as we can provide one to one meetings and a free counselling service. We hope this has helped.

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Answered by team member Matt
14th November 2013

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