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Do I Have Warts?

Under my foreskin are lumps which i suspect may be warts. I've not had sex (Oral or otherwise)ever and i read that genetal warts is an STD, so it may not be them, but i can't get underneath my foreskinto have a look. I'd rather not visit my GP as this would mean telling my parents and i don't think they would take the news well. Any help would be appreciated

Asked by Dave
8th January 2011 (in Health)

Tags: foreskin sti warts

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

You're not the first person to raise this concern with us. What you are experiencing sounds like a normal condition that effects many men, and, as you've not had any kind of sexual relations, it is highly unlikely to be genital warts. Please click (or cut and paste) on the following link, or scroll down the page to read further about how we answered a similar question: http://www.wsmsh.org.uk/qa/showpost.php?id=212

If you have any more questions, about this or anything else, please feel free to contact us, either here or by phone: 01380 801951

We hope this helps!

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Answered by team member Mara
10th January 2011

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