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Penis head/foreskin.

Hi,recently been diagnosed with balanitis by my gum clinic at the local hospital,been prescribed hydrocortizone a couple of times now and does control fluctuating changes in my penis head but i am really suffering from the foreskin tightening and although it is not too bad and i can retract the foreskin fully most of the time,my problem is that the foreskin,in places,seems to be fuseing/joining onto the base of my penis head ! Is curcumsision/surgery the only option ? I have not had sexual intercourse for a while now because of the pain that can occur when the skin is stretched right back !Sometimes the skin can come away from the base of the penis but sort of leaves a raw area which i suppose scabs then heals okay.Please help.I do not have an std of any kind by the way,.many thanks.

Asked by stu
8th December 2012 (in Health)

Tags: foreskin penis sti

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting MSH. Balanitis is more common than most people realise, with about 1 in 30 uncircumcised men getting it at some point. And it is usually caused by; skin irritation due to exposure to substances, such as perfumed soaps or shower gels, an allergic reaction after coming into contact with chemicals that are used in products such as soaps or detergents, skin conditions, such as psoriasis, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and/or persistent dribbling of urine following urination.

Treatment can be anti yeast creams, antibiotics and/or a mild steroid cream. So we don't know what has caused your Balanitis, but although you say you have no STI, due you know that due to be tested and given the all clear? As many people don't think they have an STI as they have no symptoms/signs, so please be sure on this fact as Balanitis can be caused by STI.

However you are also having problem retracting your foreskin, this could be Phimosis, I don't know if you told the GUM clinic about this, or if they would have discussed this with you. But the fact you have this Balanitis and its difficult to have sex, we would recommend a repeated trip to the GUM clinic to discuss this further. Yes circumcision is one solution, but they will explore other areas first, like checking its not an STI, that your a maintaining good hygiene, and washing your penis every day with a cleaning product that doesn't cause inflammation.

We hope this has helped, if you need any further advice please do get back in touch, we hope your next visit to the GUM clinic helps solve your issue.

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Answered by team member Matt
11th December 2012

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