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Genital Warts

Hi I think I've got genital warts, I haven't been to the sexual health clinic, to be honest I feel to embaressed to walk in there! I've done research online and it looks like I do have it, could you help me or advise me how to treat them or get rid of them or if that's even possible please? Thanks

Asked by Lee
10th May 2012 (in Health)

Tags: warts

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in contact. Genital warts are one of the most common STI (sexualy transmitted infections) due to it be easily spread via skin to skin contact, so please try not to feel too embarassed. Many people use the internet now to self diagnoise, we hear this often at Men's Sexual Health, and it can be a very dangerous thing to do, because if you miss diagnoise, you could either think you have something that isnt serious and decide not to seek treatment, or believe you have something so serious and incurable you drive yourself crazy with panic and stress. So we advice not to self diagnoise, but to go to your local GUM clinic (if you prefer to not see your own gp) you will recieve completly confidiential advice and treatment, Genital warts is not something you can treat at home or go to boots to get a cream, you must go to a clinic. And don't feel embarrased as the nurse and doctors their have seen such STI's millions of times and are professionals who will treat you with respect and understanding on how difficult it can be to seek help.

Gential warts can sometimes reduce or go after time, but do not think this is a good thing, the virus that causes warts HPV can be serious if passed on, especially to a female partner, HPV in a woman can lead to civical cancer, so if you have any concerns about who you have caught these warts from or if you may have already passed them on before you realised you had them, you must as tough as it may be, inform and encourage any partners to also seek medical advice and treatment. Informing partners is the biggest reason why STI's continue to spread, along with not seeking treatment. You have done the right thing in getting in contact with us, but yes we would advice you to go to your local clinic and get treatment next. If you need help finding your local clinic or if you would like to make the appoinment for you or attend with you if you need the support please do get back in touch.

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Answered by team member Matt
11th May 2012

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