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Genital Wart

Dear Sir or Madam, Can you advice a course of action? About 18 months ago I noticed something on my penis. Whatever it was seemed to go. Then about 6 months ago there was something there. I went to the sexual health clinic. There were some flat warts. I was given Wartol ointment. The ointment made the warts go. But they came back now one raised and the other bigger. I applied Wartol again and they seemed to go. But almost overnight they came back, one raised, the other flat, but both looking sort of pink and healthy. Please can you help me? Is there another ointment? I don't want to go to the sexual health clinic again. Thank you.

Asked by Thomas
25th September 2011 (in Health)

Tags: penis warts

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for getting in touch Thomas. At the sexual health clinic they probably discussed with you some of the following, as you have aquired the virus that causes the warts, you can not be cured from it, but do not panic as genital warts do not pose a serious threat to your health. Because this is something that can not currently be cured, it means that the warts can keep occuring at any time in your life, so if you have got rid of them once, it does not mean they wont come back again, which is what has occured in your situation.

There is generally two types of treatment, creams and freezing. Some people respond better to the creams, so better to the freezing and some times, a combination of both are used. And noramlly it will be a long duration of applying cream and freezing, a one time application is not enough, persistance is the key to reducing the wart.

Because they have returned, i'm sorry but you will have to return to the sexual health clinic, either to try and different cream or to get more of the wartol, or to try freezing this time.

Warts are the second most common aquired STI, so do not feel embarrased, the nurses and doctors there are aware that warts return and are difficult to get rid off and would expect you to come back.

Please also be aware, during times when the warts are on your body this is when you are most infectious to others, condoms are the best form of protection from warts, however they do not provide 100% saftey as warts can be on parts of the body that the condom does not cover, so during periods where you are infectious it would be best to avoid sexaul contact to reduce infection of another person, that is why they are passed on so easily and why they are the second highest STI.

If you need help booking an appointment with your clinic please get in touch, or if you have any further questions.

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Answered by team member Matt
26th September 2011

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