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Lumps underneath my forskin

Hi there, I'm 16 years old, uncircumsised and am still a virgin and haven't engaged in any sexual acts with any other person. I noticed a while ago three white lumps on the glans of my penis that didn't hurt, but had me worrying about what they were. I figured i'd leave them be and see if they just dissapeared on there own, but it's been a month now and they're still there. They're only small, around 3mm in diametre and they're located around the middle of the glans on the right hand side. They don't hurt and don't really pose any immediate problem, but i'm really worried as to what they could be, mostly due to the fact that my forskin won't retract and so i can't get a good look at them. I've searched around a bit and found loads of similar problems, but i don't think it's anything i've seen so far such as pearly white pauples or anything.

Asked by anonymous
1st December 2010 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

The concern you've posted has two areas of consideration. First, there are the white lumps on your glans. It can be entirely normal to have painless, small white bumps on your penis, especially on your glans, most typically around the corona, the rounded base of the glans. It is clear you have tried to figure out what these lumps are and not found a single, specific condition that fits your case exactly. There can be small variations in symptoms, thus giving the appearance of something different. The greater concern is the second issue, your inability to retract your foreskin, in order to have a good look at what is going on. A baby boy's foreskin is quite tight, but by the age of 16, you should be able to move it with relative ease. As you become sexually active, a tight foreskin will cause discomfort that could have a knock on effect mentally. It is best to try to take care of this sooner, rather than later. The most basic way to try to stretch your foreskin is to manipulate it in your daily shower routine. You can use soap, for ease and availability, though sometimes over use of soaps can cause local irritation. Ideally, you could use something like aqueous cream, which is suitable for most skins. You need to try to move your foreskin over the glans, up to the point of slight discomfort, but not pain. Try to stretch/massage

it twice a day. Over time, your foreskin should

stretch to accomodate more movement. In order to be able to properly clean and look after your penis, you need to be able to retract your foreskin. You may find that once this movement is achieved, your other symptom may clear up. The lumps do not sound like they are anything that should worry you, however, if they do, please book an appointment to visit your gp, who should be experienced in handling these delicate matters confidentially. Or, if you just want to talk, give us a ring, 01380-8018951. We hope we were able to help.

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Answered by team member Mara
2nd December 2010

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