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Penis discharge

Hello. I'm 22. I go around with my gal friend often and once i noticed that there is some penis discharge. Initially am not sure wen it happened. Later I found it happens wen am around with my gal. We don talk sex things often even then it happens. Not much but few drops.even wen I don move close and Jus talk n come. It happened. Why nd how is this happenin. Am lil uncomfortable and worried about this.

Asked by anonymous
17th November 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis discharge

plz i need a solution to my problem bcos anytime i think of sex somthing in form of water wil be droping out from my penis.what should i do to stop dis?

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Answered by anthony
17th November 2013

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting MSH. From what you have said, we think it sounds like this is case of pre-cum. This is a fluid some men, not all men leak from there penis when they are sexually excited or turned on. Some men only leak a little, some a lot, and some men none at all. This can happen even without an erection and is an involuntary psychological reaction resulting in a physical result, pre cum. Although you may not being talking about sex, the subconscious idea of it in the back of your mind, and being around your girlfriend is having a result on your body, mild foreplay such as kissing can cause such a reaction too. It is perfectly normal so please try not to stress too much, if your girlfriend is concerned by this leakage, assure her it is normal, and she could even look online and research pre-cum if it helps, as can you. We hope this has helped ease your concern with this issue.

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Answered by team member Matt
20th November 2013

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