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PC muscle exercise concern

Since a teenager everytime I masterbate I have pressed the pc pump which prevents me from ejaculating. I am concerned because now, nearly 30 I am suffering from blood and mucus coming from my bum and am wondering if at all that pressing this pump is related in anyway. Is it dangerous for your body and prostate if I continue to.press this pc pump. Also what happens to the cum once I have stopped it coming out my penis. Where does it go. Thankyou your answer will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by lloyd
10th June 2009 (in Health)

Tags: arse penis ejaculation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting Men's Sexual Health. Let me start by explaining what PC pumping is to those who may read this Q&A and wonder what is being asked. PC pumping is when a man (woman can do this to, its her pelvic floor muscle) contracts, holds and releases his PC muscle, also known as Kegel Exercises. The PC muscle can be found in a man when he goes to toilet to wee, and if he stops mid flow and the starts again, the muscle that he contracts to stop the flow of urine is the PC muscle. Many men exercise this muscle as it is said it can: lead to stronger erections, stronger orgasms and bigger ejaculations, its also be stated by some it keeps the prostate healthy.

When you say pressed, do you mean holding and contracting the muscle, or are you actually inserting a finger into your anus to press on the muscle? Also the fact that you are having dry orgasms, the semen, which would normally be ejaculated via the urethra (the urinary pipe), is possibly being redirected to the urinary bladder.

If this does happen, you'll probably notice the next time that you visit the toilet because your urine will be cloudy. This is not something we would recommend doing, ejaculation is a normal and healthy part of orgasm, either from sex or masturbation. What is concerning us is that you are suffering with blood from your anus, we can't say the two are connected, the fact your do PC pumping, but any man who finds he is bleeding from his anus should seek medical advice immediately. There could be many reasons for this blood but it is always best to get it checked out as it could be a sign of an underlying problem. Please do get in touch if we can be of any further help

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Answered by team member Matt
5th February 2013

Thankyou for your reply,

to clear your question up, I am just pressing the muscle with my finger, just underneath my scrotum, I am not actually inserting my finger up my bum. Ha.

I am awaiting an endoscopy to find out what's going on with my bum.

I am conserned that continuously using the pc muscle to stop the ejaculation is going to be harmful to the mechanics of my prostate and penis but it does seem to be a bit of an addiction to keep using the pc muscle and until I have some concrete advice that it is bad,I don't think I can stop.

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Answered by Lloyd
5th February 2013

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for getting back in touch and clearing that question up. We are unsure what effect pressing on this will have, as the knowledge we have is about exercising the PC muscle by holding, tightening and releasing it, so we would suggest you discuss this further with the doctor who is helping you with your treatment. We hope the results of your test come back ok.

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Answered by team member Matt
6th February 2013

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