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Sexual problem

I am doing hand practice from 8 years i want to leave it please tell me any method

Asked by Kk
10th June 2009 (in Sex)

Tags: masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with our service. Hand practice, wanking, masturbating is perfectly normal, in fact it is healthy. However we also understand they some cultures/religions may frown upon it. But it can be a difficult thing to stop doing, but abstinence is probably the best. Try and occupy your time more, find a new hobby, spend more time with your friends, remove temptation such as magazines, porn, website etc. You may find such methods work, but like I said at the start, it is normal and healthy, so please don't stress too much about it as this could get you down or depressed, accept that majority of men do it, and no one needs to know that you do so you won't be hurting or offending anyone if you continue, we hope this has helped.

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Answered by team member Matt
15th October 2013

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