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When i erect i feel pain in my penis head and i haven't had sex

I am 24 years old i had first sex 2 months ago and my problem started 2 days ago.What could be cause of disease am suffering from?

Asked by Bore
6th June 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis disease

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting Men's Sexual Health. Having a pain on the head of your penis, isn't usually a sign of a STI, Sexually Transmitted Infection, but pain when urinating is. However the fact you are experiencing this pain 2 months after having sex could possibly be an indication that you may have picked something up. Did you wear a condom when you had sex? Condoms over the best form of protection against picking up an STI and HIV. You could possibly have a urinary infection that could be causing this pain. Regardless which it is, we definitely advice you to visit your local GP or Doctor so they can examine you, and provide you with the right course of treatment. Please get back in touch if you need further advice/support.

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Answered by team member Matt
12th June 2013

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