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Chlamydia, impotence and infertility

hello i am a 29 year old male, lately my libido has diminished as well as my potency has reduced to near impotence. Actually i can hardly have full erection and maintain it long like i used to. However, what worries most is that i could've lived with the horrible chlamydia for more than a year. I am worried to near death that it has turned me impotent as well as infertile. how long is "if left untreated for long"? please do advice me.

Asked by anonymous (aged 29)
25th January 2016 (in Sex)

Tags: horny dysfunction erection chlamydia

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi, from your message it's clear you need to get checked out for clamydia if for no other reason that to put your mind at rest. Go to your local STD / STI / sexual health clinic (if you're in the UK you can find your closest clinic by following this link) where they will test you and treat you if you have it. If you are in UK you might be able to get a home testing kit with follow-up support.

The general advice seems to be to test each year or change of sexual partner, which would indicate that serious infertility issues take longer to emerge. As you say it has been more than a year you really should get tested.

Impotency does not seem to be associated with chlamydia and it may instead be caused by your worrying: so get tested and treated if necessary, and this will probably help with your libido issues too. Remember also the other things that can affect libido, like smoking, diet, exercise, stress, alcohol and medication. A healthy body helps build a healthy sex life. 

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Answered by team member Douglas
25th January 2016

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