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When I ejaculate through sex or masturbation I produce very little sperm or semen, until about a year ago I would produce what I would consider 'normal' amounts but this changed over a short period and has remained as it is now. It makes no difference if I abstain fo a couple of days, the whole act of sex or masturbation still feels completely normal for me but I'm woried about this change... What could it be?

Asked by anonymous
2nd June 2009 (in Health)

Tags: ejaculation masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Consistency of sperm varies from person to person and can be effected by a number of factors such as alcohol consumption, poor diet or change in diet, stress or a recent prolonged spell of illness.

You dont mention colour or consistency of your sperm, has this changed please provide further information. However based upon what you have said i dont beleive this is something you should be concerned about.

If further reassurrance is needed please visit your GP.

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Answered by team member Mark
2nd June 2009

Thanks for the rapid response!

Two things that leap from your reply are the references to beer and junk food! Whilst it may sound like a cop-out, i work shifts and move around all the time, eating steadily is difficult and stress can be very high, This has been the same for 4 1/2 years though and I only noticed this change within the last year. I have had no illness but the booze intake, like everyone else, is totally my choice. Don't get me wrong, I don't drink to excess or every day but I'm a very social guy, and most of that happens in a bar....

You ask about consistency and colour, my ejaculate often seems thicker than i remember and noticeably whiter, my non-medical mind tells me this is down to a higher concentrate of sperm and a corresponding lesser volume of the carrier fluid... I do have a high sex drive and can, err, 'perform' several times in quick succession. If I do, any discharge returns to a more opaque colour and consistency but is still short on volume. I understand the average discharge is 2-3cc, which is where I am now! I just used to produce significantly more. After all, who settles for average?

Thanks for replying so quickly, this is a subject that is embarrassing at best. The anonymity of this site has greatly helped me to be up front and honest....

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Answered by anonymous
3rd June 2009

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Your lifestyle will certainly have an affect to some degree on the quantity and quality of sperm as will age. The amount of sperm reduces as we get older. But I don't think it is something that you overly worry about. As I said previously perhaps for peace of mind you should consider booking an appointment with your GP. Good luck and best wishes.

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Answered by team member Mark
4th June 2009

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