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Hi Recently when i ejaculate my ...

Hi Recently when i ejaculate my sperm is like water!? I am 36 yrs old and masturbate no more than twice a week. I have never experienced this before and im getting quite concerned. It has been like this for over week now, what is the problem?? Thanks

Asked by Dave
21st March 2011 (in Health)

Tags: ejaculation masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for getting in touch with your concern. The volume and viscosity of ejaculate can vary daily, due to a number of factors and can be entirely normal. Diet, exercise and frequency of ejaculation can all dictate how thick or watery your emissions are. As you seem to indicate you orgasm twice a week, there is no need to lessen the frequency of orgasms. Two to five days allows sufficient time for fluid to be produced and should not affect the consistency. Hydration may also have something to do with it. If you are dehydrated ejaculate will tend to be chunky and less fluid. If you are well hydrated it may be more fluid-like. Being hydrated is a good thing, though, so don’t stop drinking fluids in the hopes of thickening up! While there is a lack of supporting scientific evidence, certain foods may help to thicken ejaculate, including egg whites and zinc rich food. Stress may be a factor, and worrying about what you are producing will only contribute to the issue, so try to relax about it, as changes can be normal. An overall healthy lifestyle and good diet keep you healthy, and your ejaculate healthy. However, if you're experiencing any pain or discharge (or you're concerned in any way) then don't hesitate to check it out with your GP to check for any underlying medical problem. Please get back in touch if you’d like to speak to someone.

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Answered by team member Mara
23rd March 2011

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