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HIV infection

I mistakenly sleep with a girl and I wore condom, but I ddint check the expiration date YET the condom is in good shape. Also, my pennis didn't elect at all. I put my penis into her pussy n did the work for about 1 minute. As my penis did not erect I stopped it. Is there any chance I get infected by HIV?

Asked by JD (aged 26) from Cambodia
1st January 2016 (in Sex)

Tags: penis penis size sti hiv

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

It is very unlikely that you have got infected by HIV, you did everything as safely as possible by using the condom. It sounds like it would be useful for you to practice putting a condom on and wanking / masturbating with a condom as this might help you stay stay erect when using one in the future. If you are still worried about HIV or other sexually transmitted infections you should visit a sexual health clinic or STD clinic. Condoms are often free from clinics too. 

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Answered by team member Douglas
11th January 2016

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