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Penis size

I have my penis size when erect about 4.5inch,am i able stasify women with this size?

Asked by sam
16th January 2013 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for getting in contact with Men's Sexual Health. One of the biggest male concerns is regarding penis size, nearly all men worry at some stage in their life about the size of their penis, this is normal, but for some it can over take their life and make them very depressed. Please let me reassure you that 4.5inchs is perfectly adequate to have sex. If you look at the world charts of penis sizes across the globe you will see a massive difference, for example in India the average size is 4 inches, the UK is 5.5 and the congo in Africa is 7. We are all built differently and never let someone make you feel inadequate with what you have, people fall in love with the person not the penis. There are many different positions you can try with a female partner that will satisfy both you and her, experiment and see what works best for you. Please ignore any adverts you may come across online or in spam emails that promise a larger penis from taking pills, these are all fake and don't work. I hope we have reassured you regarding your concern, if you would like further advice or support please do get back in touch.

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Answered by team member Matt
17th January 2013

i dont understand about certain words

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Answered by anonymous
18th January 2013

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

What words in particular do you not understand?

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Answered by team member Matt
18th January 2013

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