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I am not control myself

I am 22 years girl. Just now i completed my education. Daily i am talking with my boy friend in phone and he made to tempt . I am interested in sex but still am vergne . I am daily doing sex myself is it efct on me? Or i am going to had sex with him ?

Asked by anonymous
15th September 2013 (in Sex)

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

There is nothing wrong with having sex with yourself (masturbation) , it is perfectly normal and it will not affect you. You need to decide when is the right time to start sex with your boyfriend. This is a personal decision, and many things including your religion or culture may make a difference as well as how you both feel. It sounds as if your boyfriend is keen to start: if you are also keen, make sure you use contraception to avoid unplanned pregnancy!

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
9th January 2016

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