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Penis discharge

50yr old male married when i find myself constipated n squeezing i end up with a thick discharge at end of penis everything down there seems 2 shrivel up n tip of penis becomes red n sore in past ive been checked for sti but negative results as a young boy i was having sex with an older (man) n believe i caught it way back then but hever got tested

Asked by jamie
11th May 2011 (in Health)

Tags: penis glands penis size red sti discharge

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi Jamie,

Sometimes, straining the bowels can result in a discharge of fluids from from the penis, orginating from the prostate. These fluids are usually clear, but can sometimes be cloudy. However, the symptoms you describe need to be seen by a doctor for further investigation. You describe the discharge as thick, and also list redness and being sore. This points to the likelihood of an STI, so you need to have yourself tested again, despite having had negative results in the past. Sometimes, it can take time for an STI to show on a test. Normally, you will test positive within two weeks of contracting an STI, but this can take longer. You should also have your prostate checked for any irregularities. There are other issues for concern, in addition to your physical ones. You may want to talk about your past sexual experiences with someone. We can offer a number of services, including counselling and advice. Please give us a call to discuss further options: 01380801951 (Wiltshire) or 01793250951 (Swindon).

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Answered by team member Mara
12th May 2011

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