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So I'm a 16 year old bit and my semen/cum is NOT white! It's a see through,clear liquid but it's thicker than water. Anyway why HASNT it turned white yet? It's embarrassing cos they guys in porn have white cum and on tv shows or films u always hear cum being described as white. I have started shaving and have bum,leg,armpit and pubic hair, I also have a snake trail. Also a few weeks ago I measured my penis accurately when it was erect and it measured 7inch but now everytime I get an erect penis it's between 5 or 6 inch! What is the average size penis for a guy???

Asked by Louis
28th October 2013 (in Other)

Tags: penis penis size ejaculation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us. First of all regarding the colour of your cum/semen. The colour, the smell, the taste and the consistency of the cum is different from man to man, and even in your life time it can fluctuate/change, cum can be white, some can be clear, some can be opaque, some can have a hint of yellow, so please don't worry, your cum is perfectly normal. Regarding your hair, just like cum, in each person body hair is different, some people just develop more than others and it perfectly natural to find hair in all the places you listed, please do not worry. Regarding your penis length, again everyone is born different, and penis's come in all diff shapes, sizes and colours. The issue that you measured it at different lengths is also normal, depending on lot of things, such as how much blood flow is going to the penis and how sexually excited you are, it will cause the penis to vary in size slightly, so again please don't worry. The average UK size is 5.5', and all over the world this varies, so don't worry if you are watching porn and see men with big penis, firstly they could be from another country and in porn generally they only employ people with big penis, a lot of men compare and worry they are not big enough due to watching porn, so please know you are above UK average. We hope this has helped with your concerns, please get back in touch if we can help any further.

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Answered by team member Matt
1st November 2013

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