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Yellowish sperm and errection Problem

Actually Last Time my parentz went out of station n i hv been into sex i do it almost regularly and wn i dnt do sex i go for mastuerbate.. I do it 2-3 tyms a day n my diet wz also nt good.... My sex timing also became Zero nw as i interst it just release aftr 2 minutes n its also not so hard and now i hv stoped mastuerbate n i got suggestion frm frnd n started Having Mustrong Tablets but there is no improvement i hv seen.. Evn my sperm colour is Yellow n jelly type comes in discharg n now i usal mastuerbate just to chck plz asnwer mea soon as m worry frm last 3 months Thanks

Asked by sagar
16th November 2015 (in Health)

Tags: gelatine ejaculation erection yellow gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Most people go though periods of feeling more or less sexual than other times. A healthy balanced diet is probably a good start. If the Mustrong tablets are not working for you stop them too. Some people get yellowish sperm and thick if they haven't ejaculated for a while. If you have ever had sex beyond solo masturbation it would be a good idea to have a check up at a sexual health clinic, GUM or STD or STI clinic. If you can not get to a sexual health clinic then talking with your doctor is advised, doctors are used to talking about sexual questions and would much prefer you talk to them than worry.

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Answered by team member Douglas
19th November 2015

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