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why does my semen have bits in it like jelly

Asked by phil
10th June 2009 (in Health)

Tags: gelatine ejaculation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Consistency of semen varies from individual to individual and can be affected by different factors such as diet, lifestyle and alcohol consumption.

Semen that contains jelly like bits can be attributed to lack of regular ejaculation. The semen will solidfy into these jelly like lumps, regular ejaculation will maintain a smooth consistency in your semen. If further reassurance is needed please refer to your GP.

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Answered by team member Alex
11th June 2009

i dont think that is true in my case,.. i have a healthy amount of ejaculation time and one out of every ten times its got jelly bits in

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Answered by skid
2nd June 2011

You have an infection in eihter you Bladder or you prostrate - go see your doc. Its not serious but needs to be treated. Its not an STD either.

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Answered by Dave
16th February 2012

There is nothing wrong with jelly like sperm. As long as it's not a greeny colour it is perfectly normal and won't be caused by an infection. My partner gets it so I have read up on it, it is something to do with proteins.

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Answered by Rebecca
11th May 2012

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