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Erection Problems

My boyfriend is having occasional problems with his erection not going down in the morning, regardless of whether he's managed to pee or not and the longer his penis stays erect the more painful it becomes. On the most recent occasion he tried his usual method to get it to go down by washing his penis with cold water, this time it didn't work and he ended up having to put an ice-pack on it. Although this problem is only occasional it is worrying although he's not worried enough to see a doctor yet. Any advice please?

Asked by Deb
29th June 2009 (in Health)

Tags: penis erection

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi Deb, to give specific advice I would require further information for example does you boyfiend use a supplement such as viagra or is he currently taking any prescribed or non-prescribed medication? It might be more beneficial if could encourage him to call us to discuss his situation in more detail. Either on 01380 801951 during office hours or 07970 473962.

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Answered by team member Mark
30th June 2009

Thank you for your prompt response, I'll try and get my boyfriend to give you a call. What I will say is he's in his late 40's, takes no supplements or medication (either prescribed or otherwise) and is generally fit and healthy. He's not overweight, has a good diet and although he does no fixed exercise, he does a lot of DIY, a fair bit of walking and some gardening to keep fit.

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Answered by Debs
30th June 2009

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