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Groin pain and impotancy

My husband (54) has for some time had a recuring pain in his groin. Sometimes the pain makes him scream and hold his breath. He is is unable to maintain an erection or have full sex. I have suggested for weeks that he see his GP but he refuses. Any ideas of what it can be; he does not play any sport except for golf.

Asked by Concerned wife
13th July 2011 (in Health)

Tags: erection

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for getting in touch with us. There could be many reasons for your husbands groin pain, and so in this case it would be wrong to hypothetically consider what it could be, the fact that is being going on for some time and results in him screming out in pain, means that it is serious enough that he needs to go to his GP. I know you state that he refuses, but you must put your foot down and insist he talks with his doctor, even if you have to drive him there yourself. Ensure you husband that there is nothing to be embarrased about, that GP's deal with groin issues all the time and if he doesnt want to see his own GP he can request to see someone else, but it really does need to be looked at by a specialist.

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Answered by team member Matt
14th July 2011

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