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Hand practise stopped suddenly

sir,20 yrs old i has bad habbit of handpractise for last 4 yrs by weekly,sometimes daily and now i think my penis gonna week it couldn't stand always comparing to that last 4 yrs ,on that 4 yrs i feel my penis strong and power but not now.can you give me any good solution ? is this problem effects my married life ,can i have good sex after i got married?

Asked by hari
6th November 2013 (in Health)

Tags: penis erection masturbation

not at all. it've no side effect. in present time maximum guys are doing it. but one thing! if u are going to do it daily. thn the solidity of the luquid will become fickle and it will be often pain in base and abdomen. so, it will be better for u to doing hand-practice once in a week.

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Answered by bappa
6th November 2013

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us. A mans erection can vary from day to day, sometimes its stronger/harder than other days due to a number of factors. Maybe if you abstain a few days, you may find your sexual desire stronger resulting in a stronger erection. You may also be suffering with a mild case of Erectile Dysfunction caused by worry and concern, if you have had a weak erection one day, the next time you worry it will happen again and this worry will of course effect your ability to maintain a strong erection, and thus is worries you even more and it is a ongoing cycle. Try to not put too much stress on getting a strong erection, enjoy taking handpractise slowly, enjoy exploring your body, what sexually excites you and hopefully you will find you body reacts accordingly. You may benefit from some sexual therapy/counselling if it continues or talking with your GP/Doctor to rule our any underlying issue. We hope this has helped ease your concern.

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Answered by team member Matt
8th November 2013

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