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Penis head/foreskin

Hi,is it possible to tell me why my foreskin seems to be attaching to my rim of my penis ? (on the base/rim of the penis,it seems to be fusing onto it.I can,with pain,tear it away but then it sort of scabs to heal the wound but it is happening quite often. I have seen local gum clinic about circumsision but not actually booked into to have it done yet!Please help !

Asked by john
11th July 2013 (in Health)

Tags: foreskin penis

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting us. From what you have described it sounds like it could be a possible case of Phimosis, where foreskin won't retract back over the head of the penis, due possibly a case of Balanitis, inflammation of your foreskin, which could be caused by an STI, poor hygiene, an allergic reaction or a possible skin irritation. Depending on the cause, if its hygiene related, a non perfumed soap to wash and bath the area. You may also need medical advice and treatment, as they could prescribe you a certain antibiotic or a mild steroid cream, as circumcision is usually considered a last resort if all other treatments haven't worked, or if you have persistent Balenitis that keeps coming back, so hold of on the circumcision for now and seek medical help to rule out what is causing the inflammation and try the suitable treatment. We hope this has helped, please get back in touch if we can be of any further help.

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Answered by team member Matt
12th July 2013

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