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Pain when urinating and spots on penis

I have had a swollen foreskin and was treated with antibiotics Which seamed to settle things down but a week after finishing the course of table I now have pain when urinating and spots around the foreskin and on the shaft ! My partner is suffering from the same! She has the same symptoms sore pain when urinating and spots around her vagina ??

Asked by John
22nd April 2012 (in Health)

Tags: foreskin penis spots

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi, thank you for getting in touch. It is difficult to diagnose what you and your partner have, and it may be that you don't both have the same infection. There are a few Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) that can cause pain when urinating (such as chlamydia) , and there are also some that can cause spots/rash/blisters (such as herpes), however it is possible it is not an STI and its some other form of urinary infection. I would suggest both you and your partner either visit your GP or local sexual health clinic and get a proper diagnosis and seek treatment. Leaving things like this alone is not advised, even if the symptoms go away, we advice you to make an appoinment as soon as you are free to do so. If you are local to Swindon and would like more support, an appoinment to be made for you, or someone to accompany you to the health clinic then please get back in touch.

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Answered by team member Matt
25th April 2012

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