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Suffering from semen leakage and hair fall

Sir/maam i started masterbating when i was about 11.... I was masterbating once or twice every day and sometimes after a week.. But when i became 14 i started loosing hair and gaining alot of pimples... So i completely stopped it completely or i did it once in 2 months.... I continued this 2 years... But still i was getting night falls... Now I'm 18 pimples are controlled a bit but hair fall is still the same..... I dont talk with girls... Whenever i watch or think about sexual things something water like fluid comes out everytime.... And whenever i masterbate from the next day onwards whenever i poop semen comes out and also whenever i woke up ..... Please help me I'm very worried about I'm losing my self confidence because of this thing and hair loss

Asked by PC (aged 18)
29th May 2016 (in Health)

Tags: precum ejaculation masturbation gay

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Answered by kennedy
1st September 2016

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