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Tight foreskin

my foreskin will not stretch and gets very sore i also have the need to pass water more freqeunt

Asked by boomer
21st June 2015 (in Health)

Tags: foreskin

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Don't worry, this is a common problem and I used to be the same. You can either see your doctor which may lead to a circumcision, or you can over time slowly stretch the skin and avoid the operation.

This is going to take many weeks to get your foreskin to stretch and be comfortable but its not difficult to do. The best way to do this is in a nice warm bath but sitting on the floor of the shower is ok too, you just need to relax.

With a little soap gently try to slide you finger (nails cut short and smooth) inside the hole of your foreskin and down the side of your cock head. If you're very tight this might take a couple of goes. rinse the soap away and you're done for the first go.

Once you have a finger inside your foreskin it gets easier. Gently use your finger to stretch the hole when you can get two fingers in feel free to use two but don’t go mad. Just a few minutes a day is great. 

You may find some creamy goo inside your foreskin. Don't worry, this is normal – just wash it away with a little soap and rinse. All men with a foreskin need to wash under it each time the shower or bath.

Once you have the foreskin a little stretched you may find your cock head pops out when you get a erection but doesn't want to go back, this can be worrying especially if the foreskin swells a little. Mine did most nights. Gently push your cock head back while sliding the foreskin forward. you might find a little olive oil helps with this.

Keep stretching your foreskin in the bath or with olive oil until it slides back over an erection and slides forward easily too.

Congratulations you have just saved yourself from a operation and kept your foreskin too.

You may now find your public hairs get caught in your foreskin, I clip mine short which sorts it.

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Answered by team member Douglas
4th December 2015

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